2. The following formula relates three quantities: Force (F), mass (m), and acceleration (a).F = ma(a) Solve this equation for a. Hint: Use what you learned about related equations (like fact families) to help you rearrange the expression F = ma to solve for a.(b) Let the force be units and the mass be m = 5 units. What is the acceleration, a? Show your work.(c) Let the force be F = 25 units and the acceleration be a = 2.5 units. What is the mass, m? Show your work.

Accepted Solution

Answer:(a) [tex]a= \frac{F}{m}[/tex](b) [tex]a = \frac{1}{5}[/tex] units.(c) m = 10 unitsStep-by-step explanation:Force (F), mass (m) and acceleration (a) are related by the equation F = ma. (a) We have to solve this equation for a. So, F = ma ........ (1) β‡’ [tex]a= \frac{F}{m}[/tex] ..... (2) (Answer) (b) If F = 1 units and m = 5 units, then from equation (1), we get Β [tex]a = \frac{1}{5}[/tex] units. (Answer) (c) If F = 25 units and a = 2.5 units. Then from equation (1), we get, [tex]m = \frac{F}{a} = \frac{25}{2.5} =10[/tex] units. (Answer)