A woman is standing at the edge of a slow-moving river which is one mile wide, and she wishes to return to her campground on the opposite side of the river. Assume that the woman can walk at 5 miles per hour and swim at 3 miles per hour, and that she will first swim to cross the river and then walk the remaining distance to the campground, which is 10 miles downstream from the point directly across the river from the woman's starting point. What route will take the least amount of time?

Accepted Solution

Answer: the best option would be to swimStep-by-step explanation:Hello! To solve this problem we must follow the following steps. 1. remember the concept of uniform motion with constant speed, which establishes the following equation [tex]t=\frac{X}{V}[/tex]wheret=timex=distanceV=speed2. Calculate the time it takes to swim and calculate the time it takes to walk walking:x=10milev=5milles/h[tex]t=\frac{10}{5} =2h[/tex]swimmingx=1milev=3milles/h[tex]t=\frac{1}{3} =0.3h[/tex]3. Compare both results and choose the one with the least time. as you can see it takes less time swimming, so this would be the best way