PLS HELP I BEG OF YOU I need this in the next 3 hours At a bargain store, Tanya bought 3 items that each cost the same amount. Tony bought 4 items that each cost the same amount, but each was $2.25 less than the items that Tanya bought. Both Tanya and Tony paid the same amount of money. What was the individual cost of each person’s time (A) write an equation. Let x represent the cost of one of Tanya’s items. (B) solve the equation show your work. (C) check your solution show your work (D) state the solution in complete sentences

Accepted Solution

A.Tanya's cost for one is x, so Tony's is x-2.25.  Three of Tanya's cost the same as four of Tony's so the equation is:3x = 4(x - 2.25)B.3x = 4x - 99 = xTanya's cost: $9Tony's cost:  9 - 2.25 = $6.75C.Tanya spent 3 × 9 = 27Tony spent 4 × ( 9 - 2.25 ) = 4 × 6.75 = 27     √D.Tanya spent $9 each for three items. Tony spent $6.75 for each of four items.