The perimeter of a rectangle is 96 ft. Find the dimensions of the rectangle if the ratio of the length to the width is 7 : 5. Which of the following would be the best equation to use to solve this problem? Please show me how you got the answer too please if possible! Thank you!!A) 2x + 2x = 96B) 7x + 5x = 96C) 2(7x) + 2(5x) = 96D) 7x/5x = 96

Accepted Solution


Step-by-step explanation:have a rectangle. if the ratio is 7:5, we can put the width as 7x, and the length as 5x (or vice versa, it doesn't really matter.) If the perimeter is solved by 2(h+w), we have 2(7x+5x)=96, or 2(7x)+2(5x)=96, which is C
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