Oliver injured his leg while playing football. Fortunately, he has a health insurance policy. He has a deductible of $2,000, and he must pay 20% coinsurance with his health insurance plan. His medical bill is $3,500. If Oliver has paid $1,000 of his deductible so far this year, he will have to pay $ out of pocket

Accepted Solution

Answer:The Answer is: Step-by-step explanation:First, find the 20% that he must pay:$3,500 * .20 = $700.The remaining balance is:$3,500 - $700 = $2,800He already paid $1,000 of his deductible of $2,000. He has $1,000 left to pay. Add that to the $700 to get:$1,000 + $700 = $1,700 out of pocket.